Bi-Sexual escorts in London 

There is a reason that Casino has become the go-to place for bi-sexual escorts in London. It’s because all of the girls that we have working with us are genuine in their sexuality and want their customers to experience the real experience. Our London bi-sexual escorts are equally attractive as they are experienced in the service that they provide.

How are bi-sexual escorts different to duo escorts? 

Many escort agencies have “duo girls” listed under their specifications, the type of girls that are willing to attend a booking with another girl. Understand that these girls are not necessarily attracted to either sex but more like they are willing to attend bookings in the company of another. Casino bi-sexual escorts are red-blooded, bi-sexuals who have had relationships with other women and genuinely like being in a sexual environment with them. 

The Bi-Sexual experience 

One of the most common questions we get asked when our customers are looking to book a bi-sexual escort is “Do they participate in threesomes?” 
Yes! They do!

Our bi-sexual are seasoned pro’s and know exactly how to please you. Picture the scene; you’re in your apartment, lying on your bed when not one, but two incredible escorts walking into your room. They look at each other with lust in their eyes and start passionately kissing. They make their way over to the bed and start unbuckling your trousers…
Getting a bit worked up? You don’t need to imagine anymore, a threesome is no longer reserved for the celebrities and pornstars, now you can get involved in the action! 

Book a Bisexual escort tonight. 

We believe that the sooner you book a Bisexual escort, the sooner you’ll fulfil your sexual desires. If you’re stuck in a bit of a sexual rut, booking one of our bi-sexual escorts is a sure-fire way to light a fire in your belly. Give us a call or visit our online booking portal now!