It is no secret that Brazil produces beautiful women. It has become a cliche that women from this part of South America are sexier than their global counterparts, which may lead you to believe that it is probably not true. Well let me tell you from experience, they are. According to the Richest, Brazilian women top the chart of global babes for many reasons and our collection of saucy Brazilian escorts are no different. 

So what makes Brazilian escorts so attractive? 

There is no exact explanation as to why Brazilian escorts are so attractive but we have a few theories. 

Ethnic diversity:

Brazil is a place filled with people from all over the world who have all immigrated and embraced South-American culture. They come in many different shapes, sizes, colours etc. Yet they all have an incredible sex appeal. This ethnic diversity has resulted in a collection of people without prejudice and after years of Latin/African women, we have a collection of beautiful women with amazing curves and delicate features. 

Sexual culture:

South Americans have in general a very relaxed attitude towards sex. Women are not demonised for having sexual partners and feminity is embraced as a valuable turn on. Brazilians amplify this attitude as you have probably already seen in their electric carnivals and summer beach parties. The honest truth is that you would probably never have a chance in Brazil but with a Casino Brazilian escort in London, you don't need to worry! The love for sex in Brazil is clear and you’d be a fool not to explore that yourself. 


One thing that we are guilty of in the UK is not being very direct with our feelings or intentions. British women are notorious for wanting to be chased without making it clear that they are interested. Brazilain women do not share this attitude. They are confident in their actions and their actions. You will have no problem in communicating with a Brazilian escort and she will always let you know exactly what she likes. Let's face it, it's kind of sexy being told what to do by a Latina goddess now and again. 


We couldn’t feature a Brazilian escorts page without talking about the elephant in the room, that carries the most junk in the trunk (see what we did there). 
Brazilian women have the best arses in the world. I’m sorry but it is true. The only people who will disagree with that statement are those who have never seen one. Our collection of Brazilian escorts are incredibly gifted from behind. Our personal recommendations for the best butts are: 


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