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What are the best dating spots in Bali?

Indonesia is a country that is practically a paradise. That is why you will simply adore the soft sands, iridescent oceans and sacred heritage that Bali has to offer you. It is the perfect place to explore with your Escort. Whilst your Escort will have her own suggestions about the perfect dating spots for your excursion, here are some of our own ideas to get you to start on your adventure.

Monkeying Around

If you are looking for an adventure outside of lazing around on one of Bali's deliciously soft sanded beaches, such as Kuta Beach, then why not take your escort on to a truly unique nature reserve? Mandala Suci Wenara Wana, also known as the Sacred Monkey Sanctuary, is a reserve that is home to a multitude of indigenous species of monkey, the population of monkeys totalling to nearly 700.

Not only can you watch the monkeys in their natural habitat, but the forest is situated next to an ancient temple. Thus, if you and your escort get a little tired of staring at the adorable critters, you can go and explore the nearby Pura Temples. It is a great way to get to know each other whilst also taking in some fresh air.

Heritage and Culture

Take your time when you are on your date with your Escort. For Bali has a lot of ancient cultures to take in and you have all the time in the world to go and see it. If your Escort is up for a day of exploring the ancient treasures of Bali, why not take her to see some of these temples and heritage sites:

These open-aired treasures are the perfect place to explore the true culture and heritage that Bali has to offer. If you get tired? Then they are also they are great areas of settle down for a quick picnic with your companion.

The Best Restaurants in Bali

Sometimes, when you are on holiday, you just want to experience a romantic evening out in the warm weather with a beautiful woman in a high-end restaurant. Having a meal and a glass of wine is the perfect way to bond and truly get to know your escort, especially if the restaurant itself has a fantastic atmosphere and reputation.

Here are some of our own suggestions about the best restaurants that you just have to experience for yourself:

Once you have finished dining with your escort, and have past the point of taking a stroll along the beautiful Bali sandy beaches, why not consider getting a drink? It is the perfect thing to do if you are having a great night and want to spend more time with your beautiful escort. If you are after a mixture of fantastic beverages and al-fresco settings, then you just have to try The Woo Bar and The Rock Bar. Both are known for their fantastic service and breathtaking sites. You and your escort can cuddle up together with your drinks and simply admire the view.

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