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About Baker Street

Baker Street sits in London's Marylebone district and is famous for various things, not least the 1978 Gerry Rafferty song of the same name. It's also the fictional location of the residence of one Sherlock Holmes, the nineteenth-century detective famous for solving unsolvable crimes. Named after the 18th-century designer who built the street's foundations, it sits within boundaries of the City of Westminister in London. The Street has its own London Underground station, named after it.

Things To Do in Baker Street

Bars, Pubs and Restaurants

In terms of bars, you have places like the Globe, which is a traditional pub with a long bar, The Volunteer, a smiliarly old fashioned pub, but filled with light to give it a more welcoming, modern feel. Sherlocks' Grill serves Mediterranean style dishes from a wood-fired stove. You also have Turkish tavern Yosma, the Beehive Pub, and the Barley Mow, another traditional English boozer.


Obviously, the most likely reason you might be drawn to Baker Street, besides work or a business meeting, is for Sherlock fandom. Stories involving the iconic detective have been adapted for stage and screen many times over the year various things you can do on Baker Street as a fan. The Sherlock Holmes museum sits at 221B Baker Street, the location of his fictional residence. The interior is kept as a faithful imagining of what the real thing might look like. 

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