We welcome you to Casino London Models Paddington page, on this page you will discover our selection of beautiful Paddington escorts that are available for booking. Our model London escorts are off some of the finest in London so we at Casino London Models can provide the best London escort experience possible. Here you will discover some ideas of what to do with your beautiful Paddington escort and some information on our stunning young ladies.

Depending on how much you want to spend on treating yourself and your Paddington escort on your appointment the places you visit will differ. Take a look at or Paddington escorts gallery and become completely infatuated by the truly one of a kind beautiful escorts we have here at Casino London Models.

Escort Agency in Paddington

Firstly if you are looking to spend the night in the incredible Paddington area you will want to spend the night in one of Paddington’s finest hotels. The Hilton London Paddington hotel is a fantastic option for you to spend your night in Paddington as you will want somewhere with impeccable service and modern, luxury and comfortable rooms to rest in after a long day in London. Taking any of the Paddington escorts from our agency out to this fine hotel she will definitely be impressed as The Hilton Paddington Hotel is known as a very luxury stay to the whole of London.

On top of Paddington’s fine hotels there are other various options to spend your time in the day at one of Paddington’s fine restaurants or high end bars that are the perfect types of locations to really get to know more about your stunning Paddington escort. You and your Paddington escort will be able to have an exciting and memorable time on your booking in the brilliant location of Paddington.

We are very proud of our selection of Paddington escorts as we feel we have not only picked out some of the most beautiful escorts in Paddington but we have chosen ladies who have no trouble in delivering a fine high class escort experience.

Booking escorts in Paddington with us

One of the simplest things you can do here at our agency is book any of our girls as you don’t need to take an arduous amount of time with filling out one of our booking forms located on our bookings page either as it is a simple and easy process. If your fingers are tired from all the writing you do at work then you can always just pick up your phone and give us a quick call here at Casino London Models on 07736 672545 or 07736 646847 and we can get you started with one of the most exceptional evenings that you could ever imagine. What are you waiting for?

Our Top 3 Paddington Escorts

Here we have our top 3 escort recommendations for our most loved and popular Paddington Escorts. These girls have worked hard to get into the Top 3 and because of this, each and everyone of you should get the chance to see their hard work, and the reasons for why we have chosen them to take top 3 for Paddington Escorts.


Adele from Casino London ModelsAdele escort from Casino London ModelsAdele brunette escort from Casino London Models

Adele – Adele is a wondrous Paddington Escorts with plenty to offer her clients and this is most likely the reason for why our clients have enjoyed her company. Her personality is one to make your first meet a breeze and she certainly knows how to keep you calm when things can get a little overwhelming. Adele also happens to have a gorgeous figure with assets that will surely make you smile, with long chocolate brown hair that is long enough to cover her 34C breasts.


Malorca from Casino London ModelsMalorca escort from Casino London ModelsMalorca brunette escort from Casino London Models

Malorca – Malorca is a stunning 24 year old escort that Paddington has to offer and when it comes to her offering a services, its a service you that will fulfil each and everyone of your desires before you knew they were fulfilled. Malorca is a very exotic escort and has a lot of exotic traits about her, such as her sexy assets that will make anyone's head turn, from long black hair that covers her 34C breasts, and of course her slim yet slender figure. It's just a bonus that her personality is as beautiful as her figure, and maybe that's why she is becoming so popular.


Sonica from Casino London ModelsSonia escort from Casino London ModelsSonia brunette escort from Casino London Models

Sonia – Sonia has to be a rare gem, and we are grateful to have her as part of our family at Casino London Models, she is a well educated 23 year old and has the traits of a warm and welcoming friend that anyone can have a chat with, she is kind and attentive to what needs it and that will mainly be taking care of her clients. Sonia is also a very attractive young lady and is very popular for her assets and how she shares them with you, from long light brown hair that is long enough to cover her incredible 34D breasts, and a gifted figure that is slim yet athletic as well.